A Tail of a Silly Boy

2014-07-06 14.27.52


If there’s one thing you must know about me, it should be that I love my dogs more than anything. My fur babies are like my children. Blitz (above) in particular is a special breed (and I’m not talking about his pit-lab mixed genes). He knows what my facial expression mean. He knows how to cheer me up no matter what. He will wag his tail at the snap of your fingers (even when you think he’s fast asleep) and he gives the best hugs ever.

Blitz may be a pitbull, but he has more love to give than anyone I know. He will bring your shoes to you, or place them in his bed when you’re not using them. He will sit on your lap to keep you warm, and cuddle with you when you’re laying down. And when you ask him where his baby is, he will look around at all the different stuffed animals and shoes that are normally surrounding him and bring you the best one.

Even though he does these things everyday, and even though it can at times get annoying (he likes to hide my favorite shoes), he always does something that makes me love him more. This morning was one of those times.

As soon as my alarm went off this morning and I turned on the light on my night stand he was up and ready to play. While he was standing there smiling at me and wagging his tail, I looked at him, hit snooze and laid back down. He jumped up on my bed, put his upper body on my stomach with his butt up in the air, turned his head towards me and then licked my face until I started scratching his back. He then slid up next to me in bed and curled up under my arm with his paws up in the air while I scratched his belly. He’s the only one who could ever wake me up without me getting mad.


What’s your favorite thing your dog does?


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