30 Day Scarf Challenge: Day 1


Happy Labor Day y’all! This rainy morning marks DAY ONE of my 30 Day Scarf Challenge! This is a scarf I have created myself and you can too in just about 5 minutes!

DIY: Fringe Scarf

  1. Find an old t-shirt that doesn’t have seams on the sides. The bigger the shirt, the lower it will hang.
  2. Lay the shirt on a flat surface. Cut the bottom seam off and cut from arm pit to arm pit. You will not need the seam or the top part of the shirt.
  3. Lay the middle piece of the shirt you just cut on a flat surface. Cut 2-3 inches into the middle piece, spaced about every 1/2 inch around both sides to create the fringe.
  4. One you have finished cutting the fringe, pull each strand to stretch it out and make it look more worn.

30 day challenge 2014

Share one of your scarves too! The rules are posted here or post it on Instagram with the tag #scarfchallenge


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