30 Day Scarf Challenge: Day 5


Hey y’all! Today I’m blogging from a lantern lit room in my house because the power has gone out from a storm! Let me just say when you start out your day driving to work forgetting that you left your coffee mug on the roof of your car its going to be a bad day. On the bright side tonight Nick and I leave to go to Wisconsin for the weekend! Can’t wait to relax!

So right before I took my picture of today’s scarf I put my coffee mug on the top of my car and my day went downhill from there… but it’s okay it’s finally Friday!


Here is my day 5 scarf . It’s not one that I wear often but it’s especially nice on warm days because it’s light and its soft and who doesn’t love red white and blue? As much as I know I’m going to miss summer I can’t wait for it to get a little colder out so I can start wearing my big comfy knit scarves . My favorite time of the year is when it’s just perfect for a sweater, scarf, jeans and boots!


I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend and don’t have to live like cavemen carrying lanterns around your house!

30 day challenge 2014


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