Warby Parker


One thing I love more than a great accessory is a company that goes out there and helps those in need throughout the world. Warby Parker is one of those companies.


When you purchase a pair of these fantastic Warby Parker glasses they will donate a pair of glasses to someone who needs glasses but can’t afford them. They also donate to and train people in developing countries to give basic eye exams so millions of people in 35 countries (including the US) can get the prescriptions they need. Helping people in need is something I feel so strongly about, it’s just a bonus when you can do it with some nice accessories!


I enjoy wearing glasses because as a blonde I feel like people take me more seriously. I suddenly look serious with a good pair of glasses. The glasses and sunglasses Parker Warby offer are the most exquisite pairs I have ever seen. The shadows and the colors they offer are so beyond anything you’ll find in your local Foreyes.

Look at all of their amazing frames here and their even better sunglasses here. Keep in mind you can always get the glasses offered where you take your eye exam or you can buy those designer sunglasses, but this is a company that is giving back to those in need, and that makes ALL the difference.


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