Defending the Blog

People who don’t blog don’t understand why its so much fun. I’m not even sure I fully understand I its so much fun. I guess I like the fact that people read my thought and care about what I care about. But its hard to defend sometimes.

I find a lot of people ask why I blog. And I never really know what to say to that. I don’t know why exactly I blog. There are many different reasons I guess but even as I say them they sound really dumb. I like the community there is when you comment on someone’s blog or someone comments on your blog. I love when I see that I have views. Can I just say I was overly excited when I haven’t posted in at least a month because I’ve been crazy busy and I still have a lot of views a day. So thank you to those out there who have been checking up on me even though I’ve been too busy to post!

I hate when I take a picture of something and someone asks jokingly “Are you going to put that on your blog?” I always want to respond with “You bet your ass I will, what’s it to ya?”I wonder if its because people wish they had a hobby when they could connect with people. I feel like too little people have hobbies these days. People come home from work and sit in front of the TV and then go to sleep. And I’m not saying I don’t do that. But I wonder if that’s why people seem to make fun of my hobby of blogging.

I hate to admit this but sometimes I hate telling people that I have a blog. Or I dread people bringing up the fact that I have a blog. Anyone else feel the same way? Do you ever feel the need to defend your blog? How do you respond?


One comment

  1. Amy Fan · December 29, 2014

    I’m a high school student, and a lot of my friends have private Tumblr’s, but very few have formal blogs. It always feels a bit awkward telling them about it, and I feel like people judge me because it seems like I try too hard to sound intelligent. (and I do.) That being said, I also have friends who seem to enjoy reading my blog, and that’s all that really matters in the end.


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