I Wouldn’t Be Good At Being Famous

I sometimes I think I should do crystal meth and then I think, mmm, better not.

I’m watching Pitch Perfect and I always forget how funny Rebel Wilson is!

Sometimes I think it would be so cool to be an actress. Play a part in a movie, everyone knows you when you walk down the street, film one movie a year and vacation the rest of the year at your beach house on the coast. That’s the life!

And then I realize that I’m really not a comedian (although I usually think I’m pretty funny) and I’d probably be really bad at acting and on my days off I only wear yoga pants so if people took pictures of my while I was buying groceries my fame would go away real fast. Being an actress would probably be a really easy job, its the part about not having any privacy that I would have a problem with. And I realize I post a lot of my private thoughts on my blog, but those are things I pick and choose to share. Well I guess I don’t keep much private, because my life is not that exciting, but its 100% my choice to post on my blog.

When I was little I swore up and down that one day I would be famous. I wanted to be a singer and I wanted to live on a beach in California and have everyone know my name. Now I’m happy when I can leave work and no one knows my name. Plus its embarrassing enough when ugly pictures are posted on Facebook, I can’t imagine having ugly pictures in a magazine!


One comment

  1. nmherron22 · December 29, 2014

    That’s why i only post the good ones. 😏


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