Oh Chicago Winters


Holy cow it’s cold! I know it was colder last year but I think since we were spoiled with warm winter up until now, the -2 actual temperature and the -35 with the wind chill is just such a shock! I have never been more ready for summer! PLUS I bought a super cute swim suit and I’ve been working out so when Chicago thaws out I’ll look fabulous! CANNOT WAIT.


Nick and I spent the weekend doing the tourist thing in Chicago! It was cold but definitely worth it since we had coupons and it was all free! One thing neither of us had ever done was go up in the Sears (technically Willis) tower and stand out in those scary glass boxes! I almost couldn’t do it! I looked down (big mistake) and I was instantly dizzy. Such a weird feeling, but I’m so glad we did it. It was a very cloudy day since it was snowing but we were lucky that it cleared up at night so we could see the beautiful city lights and the moon on the lake.

chicago-winter-2 chicago-winter-3

I could have been dressed much warmer (next time I’ll wear a thicker jacket) but I was wearing my new favorite scarf given to me by my friend, a not thick enough Columbia jacket, skinny jeans, and knee high socks rolled over Hunter Wellies to keep my feet dry!


Hope wherever you are its warmer than Chicago!


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