Life is Like a Jar of Prego Italian Sauce

Life is like a jar of Prego. Even when you feel like you have a good grip on it, it can slip right through your hand. If you don’t have a good hand rag ready to steady your grip, you may never open that jar, no matter how hungry you are. Lately I don’t feel I have that hand rag to give myself the grip on life I need. Every time I feel I have a good grip, I slip. Every time I feel I have everything under control, or I have a steady pace going, something throws me off.

And maybe that’s just life. Are you ever handed that rag to help you better grip the jar? I start getting myself on a healthy diet, and I end up getting a wheat allergy and breaking out in hives. I get into a habit of working out every day and I ended up getting so sick I needed 2 zpacks, handfuls of vitamins, and 3 weeks of rest to finally feel better. I finally feel like I have a grip on life, but I’m half expecting to slip again! All I’m saying is I skipped my workout today half because my knee was hurting and half because it was a blizzarding below zero mess outside. But I’m hoping tomorrow I will still have a strong grip on the jar and something else doesn’t happen to get in the way of my goals. Someone hang me a rag already!


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