Shots and Clash of Clans


Meeting some friends at a bar this weekend,I realize how out of place I am at bars. Most people my age probably go out to bars all the time, but it just has never really been my seen. I think I’ve only been to a bar (that isn’t a bar at a restaurant) just a handful of times. So when I was the first one to arrive at a bar that I had never been to I was the definition of awkward. I felt like everyone was watching me and judging my awkwardness as I sat at the bar to wait for my friends. I immediately pulled out my phone and texted them, scolding them for not being here when I was showing up 40 min late and still the first one there ha. Then, like a true dork, I started playing Clash of Clans at the bar… Why? Because I just don’t know how to act at bars! Its that bad.

The bar tender took a while to come over to me, when he did I have no clue what to order! So of course I awkwardly asked if they have any gluten-free beers to which I just got a blank stare. When my friend arrived, she joined me at the bar while we waiting for everyone else. She jumped up to the bar, ordered a Redbull Vodka and immediately the bar tender and the guy next to her started flirting with her. I felt like such an amateur!

Every once in a while I wonder if I would like going to bars more often. Bars are definitely fun when you’re with good friends! And then I put on jeans and a tee and go out to dinner and a movie with my boyfriend and I realize that is my preferred night time outing.

Would you rather go out to bars or go out somewhere else? Where are you most comfortable?


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