Taking Back My Time

I’ve become one of those bloggers who blogs once in a blue moon. I’ve been itching to get back, its such a great outlet. However, I’ve been so consumed in work, trying to get ahead and put all my time into my job. As rewarding as its been, I’m starting to burn myself out. So I’m making a goal to work no more than 10 hour days, and take time for myself. Instead of work, eat, sleep, I need to do something I enjoy besides catching up on the latest Chicago Fire episode. So I’m back, and I can’t promise to post every day, but I do promise to be better to myself by putting my creativity to use on this page!

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I think it is really important for people to take time for themselves. It keeps you sane. Many of my coworkers are in the same boat as me where they find it hard to work less than a 12 hours day (welcome to retail). It completely baffles me to see the day fly by so fast, I have to set a goal time to leave work every day otherwise in the blink of an eye I’ve already worked 12 hours. And while I do love my job and everyone I work with, I don’t feel its fair to my family or my friends that I have not had time for them. I feel horrible when I come home from a long day of work, cranky and ready for bed and I haven’t spoken to Nick all day. I feel guilty when I cancel my weekly dinner with my parents because I’m just too exhausted or because I couldn’t get out of work early enough. I’m learning how important it is to not stress yourself out so much that you can’t live your life. Whatever it is at work can wait until tomorrow, it doesn’t all need to be done immediately.

Whether you are a hard working student, crazy overtime worker, or doing both school and work, I’ve been there. And don’t get me wrong, hard work is great and it pays off, but you will burn yourself out. Listen to me when I say taking time for yourself will be better for you in the long run. You’ll be happier! I promise.

Until next time 🙂


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