Some Movies Just Don’t Need a Sequel – Movie Review

The first Ted movie is perfect.  Its hilarious, its sad, its happy, its stupid.  There are so many mixed emotions while watching Ted.  Its a movie I have been able to watch again and again whenever I need it good laugh.  It never fails!  When I saw Ted 2 was coming out I was more than thrilled – just ask my boyfriend!  Anytime I saw a preview I couldn’t hold it in, all I could say was “we need to go see that NOW.”  Well it finally came out and we rushed right over to the movie theater and we were prepared to laugh…

The first fifteen minutes could have put me to sleep.  During the very long introduction with ballroom dancers Nick left the theater to get food.  I wish I would have gone with him.  Great dancers… not the right movie.  My hopes were still high though!  I was excited Amanda Seyfried was in the movie and there was nothing that could bring me down.

That’s pretty much how I felt the whole movie went.  There were some good laughs, but I was still waiting for it to get better.  The movie pretty much consisted of one line jokes, follow by long boring breaks of music and multiple clips of them in a library.  The best joke was at the expense of a Kardashian and those are easy jokes to make.

Needless to say I am so disappointed.  I have not seen a sequel this bad in a long time.  My advice – stick to the first Ted, don’t get your hopes up for Ted 2!

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