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Hey there! I’m Valery, and you are reading my Life Through My Closet! I enjoy blogging about the clothes I love to wear, my crazy yet beautiful life, my boyfriend, my dogs and everything in between! I would just have a fashion blog, but I love to talk about everything under the sun! I can usually be found sipping a latte, pinning on Pinterest, online shopping, watching reruns of my favorite shows, going to the movies with my amazing boyfriend, or talking to my dogs.

 photo 523970_269202736502013_706632517_n_zps27ff12ca.jpg

This is my best friend, boyfriend, and partner in crime. This is my favorite picture of us. This was me and Nick’s first anniversary which we spent in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado! We’ve now been together for 3 years with many, many more to go! We spend a lot of time at country concerts and the movie theater!

 photo 7138658e-49ca-45c7-9470-51bee9a83df6_zpsc4c04856.jpg
 photo 900fb1d9-dbbd-401c-bb3a-f15abed4ee09_zpsbb35e28d.jpg

Meet Blitz! This crazy guy is my black lab pit bull mix. He defies any pit bull stereotype you can think of. He is so loving and always happy and is full of personality! He enjoys cuddling, sitting on your lap, caring for his favorite stuffed animals, and hording my shoes in his bed. He’s my little love bug!

 photo 2a6d7951-04e9-4c66-a1f6-7593369bee15_zpsad1e9b0b.jpg
 photo 1497542_556145274474423_1547678576_n_zps7ec686f9.jpg

This beautiful girl is Talie! She’s been my best friend since I got her in 5th grade. She is almost an exact opposite of Blitz. She is very shy, and skittish, and anything new in the house freaks her out! However she’s a very gentle, loving girl who enjoys sneaking food off the counter top and hiding under my feet when she’s scared.

As you can see my life is full of more than just clothes! While this blog will primarily be clothes, expect some funny stories about my life along the way! Welcome to my blog, I hope you stick around a while! Always feel free to contact me with any questions or comments!



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  2. Anastasia · July 27, 2014

    Hello! 🙂 I like your blog and I have nominated it for the Liebster award:http://arosusi1993.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/liebster-award/! Liebster encourages starter bloggers (below 200 followers) to continue writing.


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