Here’s a collection of just a few of the outfits I’ve put together and posted for this blog. The link below will lead to where the photo was originally published. I will be updating this with outfits as often as I post new outfits! Grab some coffee, take a seat, and take a look around! If you like what you see, please follow me on {twitter} {facebook} and {instagram} to see outfits posted more often! Say hi by leaving a comment below!

 photo dc5d10ea-d611-474d-9704-620b912eb0ad_zpsd2c48edf.jpg

7 Values I Believe In

 photo edit1234_zpsd9556459.jpg

Supporting the Entrepreneurs

 photo IMG_23641_zps29df9f1b.jpg

Imperfections Make You Perfect

 photo photo8_zpse2745662.jpg

Summer Break

 photo IMG_3053_zps82b2b6dd.jpg

Summer and the City

 photo IMG_8939_zps46fb17d1.jpg

Lace and Love

 photo d7b19cac-ce6b-4ae1-a2f7-8279f74f60cc_zps46dad335.jpg

Go With The Wind

Last But Not Least


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